The present is still a “World of Imagination”


(Tommy Zygote, 2011)

The relation between the future of design and the nostalgia of design future predictions


Many filmmakers, design theorists and any other deeply optical and conceptual career bases, throughout history have shown to create an impression of the landscape and behaviors’ to which could be a prediction of future design embodiments. These predictions becoming simply a fantastical platform for idea generation. Seeing this predictory in a visual form to become an open design concept, allowing for further refinement and advancements to be made as the idea has now become available and digestible by there own innovative movement and that of other innovators thereby allowing for further input and ‘anamorphic’ movement to occur.




It is this mergence of the visual interpretation and the actual embodiment of what the design is to which creates this evolution and time relative interpretation of it. “Where imagery directly challenges identity by destabilizing the point of view or demanding a circuitous path to find a special “angle” on the truth — a point from which everything will be made clear.” (WPShower, 2012) It is this fine relationship between what is then the ‘real’ or the true possibilities of a thing in its visual form in the world and the visual predictions. Things are thereby “given a ‘design-life’ – the ‘nominated time of their operative existence.” ( Fry. T, 2012) Showing that anything that is made is only relative to the varying, influencing factors and that we will only ever even in a design be creating an attempt at the ‘truth’.




This thereby leads onto the concept of nostalgia of design future predictions. As the idea mentioned was that everything has a design life, it has then also been an interesting point of the development of design innovations in the present day based simply on nostalgic revivals of these past design predictions, seeing a business innovation through the modern days inability to have produced at present past optical predictions. This having been made evident in the design futures lectures one, to which Nikes current shoe prototypes were reviewed. These designs take to creating the nostalgic trend prediction of the ‘Back to the Future2’ films, ‘Self-lacing shoe’ design fantasy creation, through there own concept design. So then that leads to then again back to the concept of time and the truth, what is the truth, who states when design has gained the truth or is design still a fantasy of the truth.



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