Following the megatrends to innovation


(Shona Mackin, 2013)

(Mega) trends




What will the world be like in 2030 if present (mega)-trends such as urbanization, biomedical and genetic modification enhancements, population redirection of elderly behaviors’ and economic social shifting towards the economy of experience continue in the current increase or direction they are heading? The need then for innovation is essential for at the most basic level “to ensure the survival of the human race” (Dr. Schweitzer. J, 2013). But also by lead to a whole range of benefits such as better goods, services and overall improving our minds and the efficiency and productivity of the way we work and communicate to strive for ultimately a greater future.


It is thereby “In-between now and the future, innovation will happen.” (Dr. Schweitzer. J, 2013) with what, how and why is then the matter of the question. Drivers such as economic social change through the mega trend such as the economy shifts towards the economy of experience whereby consumers will be wanting and receiving more than just the past economy of ‘the industrial economy and the service economy’ to which offerings, goods and services. To then inheriting a much larger and more holistic economy showing a shift is the whole deliverance of economy such as the offering being now in addition to the service goods and commodities also inheriting a whole new level of experience. (PINE. B.J and GILMORE. H, 1998).


Examples to which they had provided to back up the (mega) trend such as the ‘four- stage evolution of the birthday cake.’ To which provides a specific example of how the future of business innovations will now lie around experience rather than the product. As many “companies define their work by what they do and not what they provide” (Guy Kawasaki, 2009), this mega trend would then see the mindset of such business alter to keep up with the new level of service within a business to which instead have them looking at providing much more than just a service but instead a whole ‘mantra’, thus having ‘buyers of experience’. In order to create a future business innovation one must understand the wants or social construct that is being developed.


On an alternative scale could also be the current mega trend in genetic modification enhancements. This idea of ‘concentrating on using science to maximise their own physical capabilities through training, DIY bio hacking and self-experimentation.’ Is an example of a future design prediction on an extreme of a society run or influenced heavy by the ‘ANARCHO-EVOLUTIONISTS’ concept the UMK created as a result of the following of this genetic modification trend to the belief ‘that humans should modify themselves to exist within the limits of the planet rather than modifying the planet to meet their ever growing needs.’ (Dunne & Raby, 2012). Though through this example there is much to be learnt as to again how mega trends can come about and expand and how it is up to the innovators to take the social knowledge and create better futures for which provide for a better living environment.


By using the past to predict these mega trends can thereby be seen as an essential tool for business innovation.  Mega trends good or bad do serve as an essential tool for innovation as any “radical innovation, has large uncertainties” (Dr. Schweitzer. J, 2013). And using these predictions to ‘jump the curve’ rather than do the same ‘up-tenth’ of a product, is the only way that innovation can happen. Mega trends such as the economy of experience and genetic modification acceleration are areas for which innovation is possible. It is then a case of choice on the behalf of the innovator as to how radical the design is that will allow for a change to happen in society through the innovation.




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