Mutation Innovation


(Patricia Piccinini, 2012)

One to which I wish to further understand is the future of the possible trend of the growing revival of human Labor re-oriented lifestyles. Whereby business innovations would come out of human genetic modification and growth (performance enhancements). Focusing the driving force of the future innovation to center around the mutation of the human body and focusing on  “Topics including personalized medicine, inheritable genetic modification, gene patenting, epigenetics, synthetic biology, bioweapons, human cloning, stem cell research, eugenics past and present, the Singularity, human enhancement, athletic gene doping, fetal gene tests, and genetic discrimination.” (Darnovsky. M, 2013)

As again reflectant in the UMK, blog to which has predicted a future scenario of topic much a like they show a world were it is an adaption of the human body towards there own specialisation of tasks whereby they say that the “families evolve around particular forms of transport using a combination of genetic modification, training and the passing down of knowledge and skills from generation to generation.” (Dunne & Raby, 2012). This is quite reflective of the already current trends in society of sports performance enhancements to which many athlete more and more have been using as a means to ‘mutate’ there own bodies performance on a much more enhanced or rapid changing level. The trend is so evident that  “The use of enhancement “substances” for sporting events dates back to the ancient Greeks and ancient Maya and today, athletes will go to many lengths to increase athletic ability, including: steroids, HGH, Amphetamines, and even animal or human organs just as the Greeks did in their time” (Drug Free Sport, 2012) Following this trend to the future if it stays on the increase will undouptly fall into the kind of scenario to which is replayed in the UMK’s scenario.

Also another form of genetic manipulation would then also be seen in the food we eat ‘developing new forms of animal to satisfy their needs.’ (Dunne & Raby, 2012).   An example of an already current business innovation to which has looked at genetic modification for business innovation is the genetically modified (GM) salmon

‘Naturally salmon are slow growers, in the first year of life they may achieve a weight of between 20-30 grams. Transgenic salmon could change that. Dr Stotish explained that taking the growth hormone from Chinook salmon, and putting it into fertilised Atlantic salmon eggs, allows the Atlantic salmon to grow more like a trout, reaching desired market weight in a much faster time. The Chinook salmon’s growth promoting gene allows it to grow in less hospitable environments.

‘By transferring this gene, which uses the same growth promoting hormone in both species, AquAdvantage salmon has the ability to grow in warmer waters.’ (Dr Stotish R. 2013) Observing these current trends, we can see the interest people are having in the modification of the body as a means for human survival and beneficial lifestyle to which could be a large driver of change towards a future removed from technology as an exterior item to the body and instead seeing the human race enhance the world through the alteration of the natural world through medical adaptation.


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