The Future of the Mega Multi-tasker


(futurocal, 2012)

Drivers of Change: Faster Future

The present is what could be seen as the “seeds of the future” (Norman D, 2008) it is then a matter of what you wish to ‘cultivate’ or ‘weed’ to which will produce innovations from the certain drivers of change within society. “If the future is not predictable then it is also about choices and certain choices are just waiting to be made” ( Green. J 2007) Design future predictions are not just about understanding how the future will pan out and trying to follow it in the best way, but instead it can be through the  knowledge gained from the exercise of future predicting to which will allow you to make informed choices to gain the ‘radical innovation’, needed in the world to alter its potential outcome. This then only possible through the “confidence in what you wish to create” (Dr. Lafrance C, 2013) to open it to society as a concept.

So before looking at how one could ever hope to create innovation it seem essential that Future predictions become a tool by which to develop that from, as “radical innovation, has large uncertainties” (Dr. Schweitzer. J, 2013) and one must thereby take risks to which come through predictions of future wants, need and behaviors’, such as a future prediction of a faster passed society as opposed to a slower one and what the behaviors’ of human kind in relation to the vast factors such as technology, the body, space, environment and other factors would be visualized.

In a future that takes on the continuation of the present strive for efficiency and fastening of pass is of high possibility through the current trends of society for the need to ‘succeed’ through labor and faster working pass. A future of ‘Panglossian view maintains that this past record of success gives us good grounds for thinking that evolution (whether biological, memetic, or technological) will continue to lead in desirable directions’. With an objective of society thereby not focusing specifically on advancements in specific areas such as technological advancements, but rather a future striving for progress, ‘advancements’ or a ‘fastening’ of pass, what will this mean for quality of life and how intern will this impact on the environment, the body and other facets of living. With this seen as a ‘better future’, through todays already growing “cultural and technological development, which exhibit some parallels with biological evolution, have enabled our species to progress at a vastly accelerated pace” (Marcy Darnovsky, February 21st 2013) This thereby could see the use of these ‘tools such as technology, automation/ robotics and medical advancements to ‘enabled our species to progress at a vastly accelerated pace … and seen enormous improvements in human life-span, labor productivity, scientific knowledge, and social and political organization” For possibly a greater future changing completely the way in which human Labor has progress to now have a question of ‘How will people do nothing?’ but ‘What kind of work will they do instead?'” after a large number of more human labor based jobs become redundant. (k. kleiner, 2013)

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