Is our Humanity our Plight or Saviour



 We have moved from a world where the cooperation is all-powerful to a world were the consumers’ views and values are now ‘empowered’ and thus creating a sense of worth to which will remove a consumer driven society, to a “world in which human beings are able to flourish.. By protecting and nourishing the ecological assets on which our future depends.” (Jackson. T, 2010). It is the old, consumerist economic model of ‘If they build it they will come’ (Sastry. K, 2012) , closer towards the non consumeristic model of businesses investing in a sustainable and prosperous future, will be through ‘…understanding what your users need, how they think and how they behave- and incorporating that understanding into every aspect of your process.’ (Garrett. J, 2003) Thus shifting from a business focused on “consumption to participation” (Brown. T, 2009) as a new innovative business model to which through the actual involvement or furthermore collaboration with the user or client will provide ‘value’ to a design or product creating a system that ‘provides significant environmental benefits…increasing user efficiency, reducing waste, encouraging the development of better products and mopping up the surplus created by over production and consumption.’ (Botsman, R., 2010)  As the user has a new personal attachment to it.

 The solution thereby to create a continuation of a better economic structure or the new economic structure will be through a redirection in business models from ‘consumeristic consumption’ to ‘collaborative consumption’. Current business models such as AirBnB, Botsman mentioned in her book about models surrounding ideas of ‘collaborative’, ‘sharing’ or ‘collectivism’ are kinds of empty spaces for innovation. ‘Cooperation does not need to come at the expense of our individualism, opening us up to innate behaviors that make it fun and second nature to share.’ Again moving from the more capitalistic business model to now cooperation’s that see users at the center and ‘empowered’ in a way that allows them to now become not only the customers of this business model but now also ‘micro entrepreneurs’’

 With this progression from this notion of capitalist business model towards the idea of user based business models whereby products of design are from the method of ‘bottom up’ starting with peoples values and finishing with the final product reflecting the values of the user as a result. Business models as Buechley in her lecture on design futures reflected upon in understanding of these new kinds of collaborative business models entering the commercial world through a sustainable way, seeing such technologies as the web with businesses such as eBay, Etsy, Behance and other shared communities to open up a whole new economic possibility. “Allowing for distributed creativity… people with pet projects to be able to make an income.” (Buechley. L, 2009). If current trends continue and more of these collaborative mediums propagate into the future it is highly likely these user centered values may become more than just ‘pet projects’ they may become the standard business model in the new era of design.


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