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Is our Humanity our Plight or Saviour

     We have moved from a world where the cooperation is all-powerful to a world were the consumers’ views and values are now ‘empowered’ and thus creating a sense of worth to which will remove a consumer driven society, to a “world in which human beings are able to flourish.. By protecting and nourishing […]

User centered design

“When design is now taken out of the hands of the designers and into the hands of everyone.” (Brown. T, 2009) what is the role of the designer and what now is the design brief? Design as a profession has as Tim Brown mentioned in his talk in the early 21st century had made a […]

Bring back the Real Designer!

(Brown. J 2012), The Cliche modern designer, (style thinker) The New role of the ‘Designer’ No matter how we as humans move forward into the future of uncertainties the only this that is know is the need for change. “In times of change we need alternatives, we need new ideas.” (Brown. T, 2009) Yes it […]

The fork in the road, choosing the slow than or the fast lane for the sake of human prosperity

(VRCIGS, 2010) Possible drivers of change: A future is being evolved through the ever increasing ‘Information overload & dependency, faced with more information that you could possibly imagine people will face new challenges of how to cope. Some will thrive in this new sea of unlimited potential while other will face serious mental collapse. There will […]

Redesigning the future of ‘work’ or working environments

(Douglascain, 2010) -Changing role of ‘work’ for a future of social globalization  The essentials for a prosperous world in terms of the structure, practice, communication and constructs of any business and design firms are changing. With the idea in mind of a world were “we are not going to be able to resist the forces […]

Designers are the ‘Drivers’ of change

(Kovacs. H, 2012) The largest part about the future is the world of uncertainties, the only thing known is the questions that we create about them “so who is going to provide the answers… the design community.” (Norman. D 2008) it is a natural instinct of the consumer market to ‘follow the way in which […]